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Welcome to M&J Printers Customer Testimonials webpage. Here at M&J printers we deal with the resale of many different models of printers. We pride ourselves with doing our very best job on refurbishing each and every printer we sell. We also work hard to help our customers choose the best printer for their specific needs. Over the years we have gotten many compliments and many thanks from our customers. We have decided to exhibit some of these responses sent to us from our customers.

If you have purchased a printer or had one serviced by us, are not listed here and would like to be please contact me. Thanks Mike

To Whom it may concern:

M&J Printers has been providing repair services to ESP since September, 2003. In that time, they have repaired over a thousand Okidata laserjet printers for us, of various models, and a small quantity of HP deskjet printers. They have also done some modification work for us, reconfiguring one printer model with parts supplied by us.

Mike Buckingham and his associates have done an excellent job of getting the work done correctly and responding to our ever-changing requirements. We've never received an incorrectly repaired printer from M&J. As our priorites change and different printer models increase in demand from our field operations, Mike has responded as requested. When both increases and slowdows in the rate of our repair needs have occured, M&J has changed their delivery schedule to suit our needs. They stay flexible to the customers requirements and get it right every time. Their fees are very competitive.

I highly recommend M&J Printers for any printer repair or service work under consideration. I would be glad to answer any questions related to M&J Printers repair services for this company.


Larry Potwardowski
Manager, Component Rebuild & Repair Group (CRRG)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the staff there at M&J Printers.

The HP Laserjet 4-V I recently purchased form you is all that I expected, and more, in that it is performing fantastically. The entire experience from the initial contact through the configuration of the Printer for my specific needs, to the sale and delivery was outstanding. Your help was invaluable in providing a system that worked properly right out of the box.

Thanx again Mike, and all the best to you and the staff at M&J Printers..

Phil, Owner/President,
Lostimolo Design Solutions
Santa Clara, CA.

My refurbished HPLJIII is still purring along like a champion almost a year after I got it from you. Thanks a bunch!
--Mike, Hamden, CT

Your prices are more than competitive, the service prompt. The equipment and parts I have received from M&J has always been of 1st rate quality.

Jack O'Callaghan, Systems Administrator, Massachusetts
Martha's Vineyard Co-operative Bank -

Just to let you know that our refurbished HP IIP from you arrived safe and sound in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It looks great and works great, nice job. I recommend you highly!

Charles Atkins, Virgin Islands/Massachusetts

M&J printers have excellent, quick service. They callback/email quickly to questions. They are courteous, helpful and friendly. They offer good pricing. It's been a pleasure doing business with them!

Sandy Hanlon - Administration
Cleveland, Ohio
Conversion Processing, LLC

Software Maintenance, Inc prides itself in providing unparalleled support to its customers. It is very rare that we run into another company with the same attitude.

When SMI's HP LaserJet II printer failed we needed a reliable replacement quick fast and in a hurry.

We had the good fortune of discovering M&J Printers during our internet search. Mike supplied us with a excellent reconditioned printer and a very fair price.

In fact, UPS destroyed the first printer, and Mike sent us a replacement within 24 hours.

I would recommend M&J to anyone without hesitation. Please feel free to contact me at 888-343-3773 about M&J stellar service.

David Levy
Software Maintenance, Inc
Philadelphia, PA

My wife and I are co-authors doing original researching and publishing unusual quarks in early American History. As you can imagine our computers and printers are the lifeblood of our business. We came to an abrupt halt last week when our old faithful HPIIP finally called it quits. With some fear and trepidation I decided to purchase a replacement from an Internet business. To our glee and delight in choosing M & J Printers we certainly made the right decision. The quality of the product we received from Mike surpassed all expectations. And his willingness to help us set up and get going make us feel that we are dealing with a tried and true business just down the street. He has our deepest thanks and unrestricted recommendation. Thanks so much.

Mike and Carolyn Choppin Farwest Publishing

I just want to say, your product and service is 5 star. The printer works like new and saved us a lot of money. Thank you so much for going the extra mile.

Martie Fisher
Appraisal Desk, Inc.