Laserjet Repair, Dot Matrix Repair

Whether your looking to have one printer or 30 printers serviced, we have options to suit your needs. M&J are dedicated to serving our customers since 1999, in the way that is best for you. We fix Hewlett Packard, Okidata, Lexmark, Canon, and IBM printers. We are a full service on-site company with certified technicians; ready to get you up and running when you need it most! We know your business depends on your printer(s), and you CAN depend on us!

M&J has HP Certified Technicians ~ Click for a list of just some of the models we're certified to repair. IF your printer is not in the list do not worry we fix all types of HP printers, as well as Okidata models. Here's a breakdown of the two ways we offer service work on your printer.

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How our in shop (depot) repairs work

  • M&J Printers can repair both Laserjet, Inkjet and Dotmatrix printers for a flat rate fee of $50.00 for each printer plus parts.

  • We also offer trade in value towards a refurbished printer if the cost to fix your broken printer is too high. More info below.
    Check out some of our commonly done repairs with parts costs below.

  • What is a flat rate repair?
    At M&J Printers we do not charge by the hour like other shops do for in shop (depot) repairs, we want our customers to know how much they will be paying on labor up front.

    This flat rate of $50 covers all labor done on the printer.
    Your printer(s) are cleaned and tested by a Certified Printer Technician.

    How do Trade in's work?
    Many times the exact parts needed to fix a printer can not be determined until the printer is inspected. At M&J we offer to diagnose your printer free of charge. Once we know which parts the printer will need you are contacted with the total amount for the repair. If this amount is too high or not cost effective you may then trade the printer in towards one of the same model or a different model. Trade in value's are determined per printer model, if you would like an estimate on how much you can get for your printer Email us or call.

    Other Features M&J Printers Depot Repairs:
  • Diagnoses of your printer problems is always free
  • Customer pays for shipping of printer(s) both ways.
  • We have in stock both new and referb parts for laser and inkjet printers.
  • We also have an exchange program to exchange your worn out laserjet parts, saving you additional money.
  • We can usually have your printer repaired in 1 to 2 days after receiving.
  • We offer to pickup printers from your site for depot repair (with NO trip fees within the 40 mile radius) with a minimum of 5 printers per trip. We can pickup 50+ printers (depending on the size and models) in a single trip. Trip fees are $0.35 a mile beyond the 40-mile radius. Drop off available by appointment if you have less than 5 printers, and want to take advantage of our flat rate..
  • M&J stands behind our parts and labor, so we can offer a 90 day warranty on both.

  • How our onsite repairs work

    Onsite service rates and Service area info:
  • We also offer onsite service for our customers who can't travel to us or ship to use in the local area.
  • Our on-site service rate is $60 per hour with a 1-hour minimum charge per call. If (most printers are fixed within the span of an hour, hour and a half)
  • Our service range is a 40-mile radius (about 1 hour travel). This covers the Lynchburg, Danville, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, AltaVista, and South Boston. (All areas in-between as well) Trip fee is included in the $60 hourly charge if you are in our service area.
  • Typically we are out to your location next day, if not within 48 hours of when the service call is made
  • We stock many commonly replaced parts and maintenance kits, for onsite service, if we don't happen to have your part in stock it can be ordered in with in a couple days or even over night if it's an emergency.
  • All our work (parts and labor) is guaranteed for 90 days.

  • M&J Printers is proud to have our technicians certified A+ as well as HP


    Here are some common repair prices for HP Laserjets
    Please note we do not offer parts for sale outright, we only stock for repair services we offer

    HP laserjet 5L/6L/1100 Feeding multiple sheets or paper jamming
    Most common problem is a warn paper pickup roller assembly causing multiple sheets to be picked up.
    50.00 dollars for flat rate repair
    25.00 dollars for a 5L/6L pickup roller assembly
    35.00 dollars for a 1100 pickup roller assembly

    HP laserjet II/III with a 13 error
    This means the most common problem is the II needs pickup rollers
    50.00 dollars for flat rate repair
    6.00 dollars for a pickup roller

    HP laserjet II/III with a 50 service error
    This error usally means that the II/III needs a fuser and or AC power supply.
    50.00 dollars for a flat rate repair
    50.00 dollars for a fuser or AC power supply with exchange.

    HP laserjet IIP/IIIP with a 52 error
    This error means You need a scanner motor assy.
    50.00 dollars for a flat rate repair
    50.00 dollars for a scanner motor assy.

    *Prices are subject to change, call or email for quote*

    Top ten HP error code support calls.
    (1.) 50 service
    This error occurs when the printer can't verify if the fusing assy. has reached or has maintained operating temperature.

    (2.) 13 paper jam
    If the paper just stops in the paper path without wrinkling or folding,it usually is a paper detection problem.If the paper is physically damaged,then something is catching or not advancing it.

    (3.) 57 error or 57.1 error
    this error indicates that the printer is unable to detect the main motor rotating at the correct speed.

    (4.) 67 error
    This error indicates a miscellaneous hardware failure in the printer.This can be caused by any electrical part in the printer.

    (5.) 12 printer open
    This error indicates that the printer is unable to detect the cover being closed.

    (6.) 16 toner low
    This error occures when the printer is unable to detect the toner level in the cartridge.

    (7.) Print problems
    There are many problems that can cause print problems.You should check dc controller,cables,hv power supply and contacts, plus mirror and toner cartridge.

    (8.) Blank display
    This error is caused when the formatter cannot function.Usually means the formatter or dc controller is damaged and needs repair.

    (9.) 79 service error
    This error is caused when the formatter receives an incorrect response from an address location.Try removing any memory,hard drives or font cartridges.

    (10.) 51/52 error
    This is a laser scanner related errors.Reset or replace laser scanner assembly, or cables.

    These are just some error codes,check out all of the HP error codes

    If You need a quote for your printer repair you can Email US.