How does the repair process work?

It's easy, just go to our Repair Service Page and fill out the form there. Print a copy once you have sent the form and stick it in with your console. Ship your console without any accessories to the address shown on the bottom Repair Service page and the form. You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt of your unit and another email confirmation upon completion of the repair.

How can I check on the status of my repair order?

Email or call us at anytime from the About Us page to check on the status of your repair order. Your 360-console serial number is used as your order and tracking number, as it is unique to your specific console. Please reference your serial number or name for any status inquiries.

How does your service compare to Microsoft's repair service?

If you are considering Microsoft's repair service please be ready to fork over $140 to repair your console. Our cost to repair is always $50 unless you dvd drive needs to be replaced. Microsoft is going to make you wait 4-6 weeks to have your console repaired. We typically turn around you console in 3 days. Microsoft will professionally reflow your console the same as we will however they will put back on the X-clamps, which are the root cause of all RRoD's. M&J 360 takes it a step further and replaces your X-clamps with a greatly improved set of bolts and washers to clamp your heat sinks down without warping your board again. We also offer fan mod service to further improve cooling in your console, which Microsoft will not do. Finally M&J 360 tests you console with actually game load testing for 15-20 hours, Microsoft only tests with a simulated load test disc for a short one time test. Please visit our Repair Services page to see our step by step repair procedure.

How do I pay?

Unlike other repair sites we do not charge you anything in advance. Diagnoses of your console is always free of charge. Upon successful repair of your console you will receive an email notification from M&J 360 requesting payment to be made by PayPal with link provided in email. If you do no have a Payal account do not worry we also accept credit cards without Paypal. We also accept Checks with a 3-day holding period. Upon receipt of payment for the repair service and return freight, we will ship your repaired unit back to you... it's that easy!

Should I send any accessories with my console?

Absolutely not, we do not need them and it would just cost you more in Shipping and Handling. We only need the console itself without any Hard Drive, Memory Cards, Power Supply or A/V cables. Also be sure to check your DVD drive to remove any recently played games. We have a dedicated testing station that has all of the necessary equipment to fully test and diagnose your console regardless of model or year of manufacture.

How should I package my console for shipment?

Please pack your console carefully in a box that you can get at least 2-3 inches of packaging all the way around the console. Look here for additional packaging directions. Don't forget to include a copy of your repair form filled out in the box.

Do you offer a Warranty on your services?

Yes, M&J 360 offers a 30-Day warranty on all completed repair services and systems. The Warranty period begins on the date of invoice of your repaired console or sales invoice.

What if you are not able to repair my unit after your initial diagnosis?

Our sucees rate is well over 90% however not all units are repairable based on the extent of the damage and the particular error code generated by the unit. M&J 360 will contact you after the initial console diagnosis, and or after any repair attempts have been made should they determine that a repair is not feasible based on the condition of the unit. At this time you maybe offered a trade in value for your console towards another console if there is one available. IF you do not want to trade in your console we will ship it back to you free of charge if we cannot fix it

Do you accept local drop off's to avoid shipping and handling if I live in the area or pass thru on business?

Yes, but please contact us first to arrange a drop off and pick up date and time due to high volume of repairs that we receive. Our drop off address is 1185 Telegraph Rd., Gretna VA 24557

1185 Telegraph Rd., Gretna, VA 24557     Email Us or 434-656-2325