HP Laserjet IIID

Fully refurbished HP Laserjet IIID, please also check below for the accessories we offer for the model IIID. If you have any questions feel free to Email, FAX or Call us. We also offer REPAIR service on this model of printer, if you wish to have your printer Repaired please Go Here.

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refurbished laserjet IIID

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Laserjet IIID Features
  • 8 pages per minute 3.7 ppm duplex
  • 300x300 DPI resolution
  • 1MB standard memory up to 5MB
  • 4000 pages per Toner cartridge
  • Duty Cycle(pages per month) 20,000
  • Built-in Resolution Enhancement Technology
    (RET) gives you 600 dpi quality

    This printer does duplex printing(prints on both sides of paper) Good for double sided forms or when you need to save paper.

    For more info check out
    1. See Print Speed Comparison Chart
    2. HP's Data Sheet/Product Specifications

    Comes with (2)Letter Paper Trays
  • Additional Options and Accessories we stock

    *These accessories are only available with purchase of a printer*

    2MB memory Card $35
    4MB memory Card $60
    Legal paper tray (No charge swap out with purchase)

    Wondering if this printer will fit your Needs?

    Recommended for printing any text documents, small to medium spread sheets, small to medium forms, and small graphics up too full page.
    Series III laserjets do handle large graphics somewhat better then the series II, we still do not recommend this printer for graphic based printing of such things as webpages with lots of pictures/graphics or documents with many large graphics.

    The laserjet IID is great for the small office to large office. One of the most cost effective forms of printing news letters, double sided forms, etc. Has two paper trays allows it too hold twice the amount of paper as the model IID, also allows you to hold two different sizes of paper. Similar to the laserjet IID series with some exceptions. One of the biggest changes in the series IIID laserjets is the introduction of RET technology, which in effect doubles the resolution of the print to 600x600 DPI. Other changes included increase of built in memory too 1MB and a slightly faster internal processor on the printer. The faster processor allows the printer to process larger documents and graphics somewhat faster then the series IID.

    Do you need to add additional memory to your printer?

    Product memory upgrades allow you do the following:

    More pages to be stored in the page buffer;
    More fonts to be downloaded;
    Full-page 300 DPI graphic capability;
    More macros to be defined.

    You will need a memory upgrade if there is indication of printer buffer overflow. Memory upgrades speeds up printing only when the print format is Postscript. Otherwise, printer download and print speed are unaffected.

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